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Sales Tax for Connecticut : (

No taxes apply for our customers from all 49 other states in the USA.    We do not charge sales tax for any shipments destined for any of the other US States.    If you live outside of Connecticut or are shipping outside of Connecticut, this announcement does not effect you.

For our Connecticut customers only – recent changes in tax law now require all retail clothing sales to be taxed.   As a clothing retailer and people with families, we believe this change is extremely unfair to regular people and their families.   We hope that you are able to voice your own dissent with this recent change to your local legislator(s), as we already have.   The current CT sales tax rate is 6.35%.

Nice to meet everyone at ICNA!

Our staff had a great time meeting everyone who attended the 2011 ICNA Convention.   It was great to meet our customers in-person, and present our merchandise to everyone.   Insha Allah, we look forward to next year’s convention.

Now that we’re done with the convention, we are working on adding more new arrivals to our catalog.   We expect a variety of new products to be made available over this coming week.   Further details will be presented as available here, and on our Facebook page as well.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Winter updates & our 10th Anniversary!

Al Hannah Islamic Clothing - 10th Year of serving the Islamic community!

2010 is almost here, and we’re happy to have served the community for over 10 years! We’re getting new selections for winter in all departments, and will be placing new items online soon. As always, we will put our best prices first – everyday – so there’s no wait for a sale!
Many new selections have already been added site-wide, so take a look today!

Additional selections and restocks will be added frequently, so be sure to check back with us often!

- From all of us at Al Hannah.

We appreciate your business, and thank you for shopping with

Just a few days till Eid … but we’re still shipping!

Where the competition comes short – we’re here! Are you still looking for that perfect gift or outfit for Eid?    Waited till the last minute?  We’re ready to save the day!!   Thanks to our warehouse staff and FedEx – we’re taking orders from our best customers – all of you last minute shoppers – Up until 5:00pm EST 9-17-09! We’ve been super busy, alhamduillah – and we’re ready to give everyone who missed the shipping deadlines a hand.    ( And if you’re SUPER late – we can even arrange for Saturday Delivery on 9-18-09! Delivery area restrictions / address restrictions apply / additional fees apply / no alternate addresses – see our site for details. )

Thanks for shopping with us – and have a blessed Eid!


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