It’s Winter in Connecticut!

winter-in-connecticut  السلام عليكم  It’s winter in Connecticut, and once again we are all trying to figure out ways to keep ourselves warm–especially those of us who somehow must survive outside, ie the horses.  We had our first real snowstorm last week and things are finally getting back to normal.  I really have to laugh when folks from Jordan (that’s where the family is from) say they love snow!  Brrrrrrrrr.  The cold snap we are having up here made me remember those toasty corduroy tunics we sell every winter.  We actually just got a restock of those fine waled winter corduroy tunics and just finished listing them on our site,  right before we had the recent snowstorm up here in Connecticut.  I think I’ll be heading out to the warehouse to grab a nice toasty  warm corduroy tunic for myself!  Have a great day.  Jazak Allah Khairan.

Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem! Ramadan’s almost here – and we have taken delivery of more restocks for Ramadan. Our new additions should be made available over this weekend. Restocks of other items are online now.

We also have special shipments planned throughout Ramadan, with new additions during the course of the month.

Three big updates from our recent shipments

Three of our most popular Mens products have just been restocked.   We have restocks of the following just-in:Mens Embroidered Salwar Kameez , me459

Mens Salwar Kameez , me458

Mens Dishdasha , me423

New sizes and colors are available for all three items.   Available for viewing on now!

Summer Arrivals – New selections in

Summer 2022 arrivals

New arrivals for summer are here!   Many new selections are in-stock now.   We have taken delivery of a variety of new items including Abayas, Al Amirah Hijabs & more.   Restocks from Pakistan and Syria have arrived – and are online now.

Additional new arrivals are scheduled to be made available over this weekend.   Please be sure to check back for our new arrivals.

Sales Tax for Connecticut : (

No taxes apply for our customers from all 49 other states in the USA.    We do not charge sales tax for any shipments destined for any of the other US States.    If you live outside of Connecticut or are shipping outside of Connecticut, this announcement does not effect you.

For our Connecticut customers only – recent changes in tax law now require all retail clothing sales to be taxed.   As a clothing retailer and people with families, we believe this change is extremely unfair to regular people and their families.   We hope that you are able to voice your own dissent with this recent change to your local legislator(s), as we already have.   The current CT sales tax rate is 6.35%.

Bridges TV at ICNA

While we were attending ICNA, we were visited by Bridges TV.   Bridges produced a video at our booth for use on their network – that video is available online for your viewing.   We would like to thank Bridges for the opportunity they offered us!  Take a look at the video here:

Status update , Website Improvement

There was a minor misconfiguration with our website involving Firefox web browsers.   This configuration issue has been fixed.   If you are using Firefox as your browser, expect a smoother shopping experience now!

The configuration issue caused incorrect error messages to be displayed, along with browsing slow-downs.   This issue began due to a recent official update to the Firefox web browser.

If you experience any bugs or issues while browsing our website, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail ( ) or telephone (860) 386-0806.

Thank you for shopping with us!