Sales Tax for Connecticut : (

No taxes apply for our customers from all 49 other states in the USA.    We do not charge sales tax for any shipments destined for any of the other US States.    If you live outside of Connecticut or are shipping outside of Connecticut, this announcement does not effect you.

For our Connecticut customers only – recent changes in tax law now require all retail clothing sales to be taxed.   As a clothing retailer and people with families, we believe this change is extremely unfair to regular people and their families.   We hope that you are able to voice your own dissent with this recent change to your local legislator(s), as we already have.   The current CT sales tax rate is 6.35%.

New Salwar Kameez in-stock & more Men’s restocks here!

Additional salwar kameez styles in 100% cotton prints have been added to our site.     We have a variety of brand-new styles in sizes from Medium to 5xL.   Excellent selection of colors and print styles as well.  These Salwar Kameez styles are perfect for the summer – baggy, flowing, light, and breathable.    The most comfortable outfit that you can wear in hot summer weather – especially like the weather we’ve been having here at our warehouse:   100 degrees & humid!

Quantities for our new Salwar Kameez are limited -as Cotton is extremely popular.   Don’t be disappointed – if you see a must have style, get it before it’s gone!

Restocks in Men’s clothing have just arrived – and will be placed online very soon.   We have a number of great items that have arrived – so watch our Men’s section for these new arrivals.

Site redesign is complete and online! has been redesigned
Our new look

Over the 4th of July weekend – our tech staff made quite a few changes to our website.

We’re happy to announce that our planned site redesign is complete.   Our tech staff has been working on this for some time, and today it officially goes live!

Featured are a number of new accessibility features in our catalog including:

  • Improved navigation
  • New Categories
  • Smaller Pages
  • Improved catalog organization
  • Faster Loading times
  • New items as well

We’re planning on improving on our new design over the Summer as well.  Insha Allah, additional new features will be added very soon.

We hope you enjoy the new, improved!

– From All of us at

Facebook Specials start now

Sign up to our Facebook page for updates & specials! Our first Facebook special is announced, however later ones may be unannounced & exclusive.  To use our new Facebook offer – simply go to Facebook to get the unique coupon code.   Follow the instructions provided – and you’re all set!  Discounts are taken at checkout time.  [ After submitting your order. ]

New Mens Kufis & Sherwani Jackets

Sherwani Suit Jacket

All new Mens selections are in-stock and online now.   We have a variety of exquisite Mens Sherwani jackets that have just arrived.   These jackets are the most ornate outfits you can find from Pakistan.   Elaborate embroidery & patterns decorate the entire jacket.  Highest quality materials and craftsmanship go into these outfits as well.   These are the perfect selection for a wedding outfit, or a special occasion.   Absolutely amazing.

We also have a number of Kufis which have arrived as well.   While they’re not as fancy as the Sherwani suit jacket ( That’s a tough act to follow! ) – they’re great kufis as well.   Stretch styles & solid styles are in, as well as restocks of old favorites.   Most are online, with additional selections to be added within the next couple days.   Insha Allah, we hope our new products please you!

New styles are being added daily – so check back often. is on Facebook!

Facebook Logo

Follow us on Facebook!   We’ve started up our own Facebook pages – and we’d love to see you there!  We will be posting updates & information there – plus, you will have the opportunity to give us feedback & more on one of the most popular forums in the world.

We hope you join us!

PS- We’re planning a special giveaway for this coming Eid – all we can say right now, is become a member on our Facebook page for a chance to win!  We’ll see you there!

Over 100 Brand New Selections – Many ready for purchase now!

Brand new selections - online NOW!

We have over 100 brand new selections – all photographed and ready to go!   We’re wrapping up production on our new photosets – and have been making new items available for purchase around the clock.  18 brand new Al Karam Abaya styles are online now!   New embroidery styles in comfortable, breathable fabric that is simply perfect for warm weather.  Many embroidery patterns are available – so we have an abaya available for every taste.   Not only that, but we have sizes from 38 TO 58 – we have an abaya for every size as well!   Brand new selections in gifts, personal care, and more!   We also have additional items which will be listed through the week.   Insha Allah, take a look at our new styles.

Spring Preview

Spring Preview - Al Hannah Islamic Clothing 2010

New arrivals are here – and our photography & graphics people are making finishing touches! We have a large selection of brand new items that are here just in time for Spring. Above, is a sample of our brand new lightweight Al Karam selections. We have a variety of brand new styles which are comfortable, and made to excellent quality standards. These are some of the most beautiful styles we have carried – and we’re happy to offer them to you. Insha Allah, new selections should start becoming available later Today – and over this weekend.