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It’s Winter in Connecticut!

written by Rose

  السلام عليكم  It’s winter in Connecticut, and once again we are all trying to figure out ways to keep ourselves warm–especially those of us who somehow must survive outside, ie the horses.  We had our first real snowstorm last week and things are finally getting back to normal.  I really have to laugh when folks from Jordan (that’s where the family is from) say they love snow!  Brrrrrrrrr.  The cold snap we are having up here made me remember those toasty corduroy tunics we sell every winter.  We actually just got a restock of those fine waled winter corduroy tunics and just finished listing them on our site, Alhannah.com  right before we had the recent snowstorm up here in Connecticut.  I think I’ll be heading out to the warehouse to grab a nice toasty  warm corduroy tunic for myself!  Have a great day.  Jazak Allah Khairan.

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