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Fresh Mint Garden

written by Ahmed
Alhannah.com Middle Eastern mint garden

A mint garden is great in the summer. Its not only beautiful, subhan Allah, its fragrant and is easy to grow. You will always have extra for family and friends. Its great in salads, Middle Eastern and Pakistani dishes too! We started this huge mint garden from 1 plant a relative gave us some 30 years and three houses ago.  I  was so thankful to her because we didn’t have much money since I was still in college.  I don’t think she realized how much it meant to me when  she shared her beautiful mint with us.   Nowadays everyone who visits the alhannah.com warehouse is welcome to take some fresh mint home and start their own garden. How many mint gardens were started from that one mint plant I  wonder.  And every time I go out and cut some mint or smell the garden’s fragrant beauty, I think of that relative, silently thank her and wish her Allah’s blessings in my mind.  Just as Islam teaches us to give, we may never realize that such a seemingly small gesture could mean so much to so many people. If you are in our area please stop by our warehouse to visit and take some mint home with you.  We do warehouse visits by appointment.  For more information visit our site at Alhannah.com.   Jazak Allah khair.

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