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Ramadan is here – and we’re ready to help you get ready for Eid!

written by Rose

Ramadan is here – and as always, everyone is offering their “best prices” up for the occasion.  Here at Alhannah.com – we ‘re also ready to offer you the best prices that we offer, not only during the Ramadan season – but every day of the year!   New selections are being prepared – and our most popular items are restocked & ready to go!   We have all items from Women’s abayas – to Men’s outfits – including some of the best made Dishdasha and Salwar Kameez available on the market.   Who says you need to pay $70 for a Dishdasha.   We offer you one of the best known brands of the Middle East – Al Defa – at our everyday unbeatable price of $26.99.   Our absolute best prices are offered up front – not only when the holidays are here, or when the “need for a sale” arises.   Our sales – run 365 days a year.

On top of this – we’re not an expensive & outsourced multinational firm – or a retail store chain doing “mail order” on the side.   Mail order is our business – and our mail customers come first.   You, our customer, will receive quality service every time.

Quality that can’t be beat – at prices that can’t be matched.  That’s the Alhannah.com way!

Please be sure to check back with us often for all of your Ramadan needs.  Thanks for shopping with us!

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