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We simply need to take a moment to tell everyone. This product is great.

written by Rose

Here at AlHannah, we have staff members who work outside, handle boxes – and basically wear out our hands. We recently received a new product in our inventory, and as part of our listing process – we opened one up to test.

In short, this is one of the most amazing products we’ve ever used.

 Cocoa Butter Cream with Aloe Vera

Cocoa Butter Cream with Aloe Vera

This Cocoa Butter cream – is one of the best we’ve ever used! The cream absorbs quick, isn’t very greasy, and smells just about like a candy bar ( as tempting as it may be – don’t try to take a bite out of your hand! ) The cream soaks in deep too – it won’t wash right out with soap & water, and keeps your hands good and moisturized for hours. Even applied at night – it keeps working overnight and leaves the hands great in the morning.  It even soothes painful cracks almost immediately.   With the quick absorption – it can be used anywhere – feet, hands, elbows, etc…. It beats many of the store-bought products hands down, and best of all – there’s no questionable ingredients. It’s Halal AND vegetarian. We’d love to say more about this cream – but we can’t say enough. Even better than how good it works – is the price: $3.25. For the quality of the product, it could be offered at retail for a few times MORE than this – however, as always, we’re keeping our price as low as we possibly can. Give this cream a try! We’re positive you will be as pleased as we are with this wonderful product.

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